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Last Night

Zoe and I were old school friends. Sweethearts, I guess you could say, but I’d never really thought of us like that. We’d got to know each other really well through our teenage years. At university we’d shared a flat and had become somewhat more than friends: lovers perhaps, certainly intimate. After university, though, we’d […]


Bed and Breakfast and Bondage This is a first draft of this story. I’ve got the main ideas down, but I realise it’s not much more than a sketch. That said, enjoy. A distant, but approaching drawn out crunching sound heralded the arrival of more guests up the long, gravel drive. I clicked the power-button […]


Carla is a typical fifteen-year-old. Popular on the internet, but bored at home. However, Carla is different in that she’s a true hermaphrodite. So when she goes online, she’s not short of offers… This story contains explicit sexual material and should not be read by minors.