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Last Night

Zoe and I were old school friends. Sweethearts, I guess you could say, but I’d never really thought of us like that. We’d got to know each other really well through our teenage years. At university we’d shared a flat and had become somewhat more than friends: lovers perhaps, certainly intimate. After university, though, we’d […]


Bed and Breakfast and Bondage This is a first draft of this story. I’ve got the main ideas down, but I realise it’s not much more than a sketch. That said, enjoy. A distant, but approaching drawn out crunching sound heralded the arrival of more guests up the long, gravel drive. I clicked the power-button […]

Real Friends

My friend Amalasuntha¬†sent me a writing challenge the other day: 500 words – no more, no less – with a given starting line. As I’ve not done much writing for a while, and because I’m terrible at endings, I took this challenge on. See what you think of the results.

Layleaux Rail

This is basically a write up of a dream I had last night, in particular Foyce’s outfit and her job of being a Trolley Dolly.

The Cerberus

All characters and situations are fictional. Any similarity to persons (or furs) living, dead or otherwise or to events past, present, future or in potentia is coincidental and unintended. All original material ¬©Paul Saunders 2001. A Crew that was never born. A spacecraft that was never built. An Organization that does not exist. That’s the […]

The Birds and the Bees, the Flowers and the Trees

This story contains explicit sexual material and should not be read by minors. Written as a bit of a challenge from a Livejournal post, this story shows where the phrase “The Birds and the Bees” came from. This story contains graphic, if unusual, sex scenes.