Darac Marjal

Some of you may know me by my alter ego name, Darac Marjal. For those of you do and, particularly, for those of you who don’t, here’s a little FGA1.

About Darac as a Character

Who is Darac Marjal?

Darac Marjal is a 99-year-old nisabE from the planet nOriglos. He’s a member of the Peace Alliance Space Navy and flies fighters from the Dean-class Cruiser tala’Uthos. Darac is a bit shy of 6 foot tall and his tail is about 2 foot long.

What’s a nisabE? Where is nOriglos?

A nisabE is a reptilian alien. nisabE are the only sentient beings on the planet nOriglos. The nisabE are of similar intelligence to humans but first evolved around 5 million years ago, making them around twice as old as humans. Despite this, the nisabE civilisation is less advanced than humanity at the moment due to a recent oppressive regime.

As for where nOriglos is… unless you’re knowledgable about the intricacies of hyperspace navigation, the best answer is it’s a planet about 5 days travel from Earth.

Why are your capital letters in the wrong place? How do I pronounce these words?

The capital letters are not in the wrong place, per se. What you are seeing is the closest translation into the roman alphabet of the actual nisabE words. The capital letter indicates the start of the syllable that takes the stress. So nisabE is best pronounced nisab-EE and nOriglos as nn-ORI-glos.

Why is it nisabE? Isn’t someone from nOriglos a nOriglosian or something?

Why is an inhabitant of Earth called a human? There seem to be many planets where the inhabitants are named after their planet, but it is not by any means, the only way. nisabE is the name of the species, the language they speak and so on(there is only one language on the planet. There are other species who have multiple countries, languages etc. like earth). In the same way that humans find “Earthman” to be derogatory, so nisabE find any other epithet to be derogatory.

What does Darac look like?

Unfortunately, Darac doesn’t have any recent pictures. However, he is more than willing to pose for anyone who wants to draw his portrait.

What about Darac’s Background?

— Information Censored —

Where can I find out more about Darac?

Most of Darac’s details are taken from a Novel I’m writing on-and-off at the moment. It probably won’t ever be published but I may get around to putting the chapters up on this web page. If you REALLY want to read what I’ve written so far, send me an eMail and I might eMail it back to you.

About my Relationship to Darac

Why do you have an alter ego?

Some years ago, I came across a web page containing pictures of cartoon animals in … shall we say … compromising positions. This led me to discover a genre on the internet called ‘Furry’. While it was the erotica that led me there initially, there is much more to Furrydom than that, and it is the breadth of subjects that keeps me attached to the furry world.

Furry? What’s that?

Good question. A lot has been written on that very subject. The problem is, ‘Furry’ isn’t just one small subject. At a basic level furryness is the appreciation of (attachment to, etc) anthropomorphic animals (i.e. animals with human characteristics. Be that as little as animals with intelligence or as much as humans with animal characteristics such as fur). Because these anthropomorphs can get up to just as many things as humans, furryness is something that affects all parts of life.

As well as this, there is the added dimension of how much one is involved in the furry world. The connection ranges from those who like Furs (that is the furry word for the anthropomorphs) but feel no need to ‘create’ a character (these people are often referred to as Furry Fans). For some people, there is a much stronger bond. These Furry Lifestylers often claim that they either are, or have been in a previous life, an animal. Some have even been known to assert that they AREN’T human no matter what you think you are seeing.

Needless to say there are as many different views of what furryness is as there are people who call themselves ‘Furry’.

How do you fit into furry? And what about Darac?

Well, for me Darac is, as I put it earlier, an alter ego. He is a character that I play online. Many people used to pretend to be someone else when they were young or play dress-up. However, as they grow older, they tend to leave that behind, dismissing it as ‘childish’. However, role-playing is a valuable learning tool, allowing one to ‘get into the mind of’ other people and thus understand them better. So, instead of being childish, role-playing can actually help people get along better!

Furries and Society

Isn’t this all a bit Nerdy?

If you feel you want to dismiss it as such, then OK. However, there is probably a stronger sense of community, being a Furry, than there is being say, a Star Trek Fan. While Sci-Fi fans (the people most commonly called “Nerds”) may sit in front of a television watching their favourite show or sit and discuss the fine details about some physically impossible plot, Furs have little or no mass-produced media. Instead, and especially as many Furs are physically unique, Furs often create images, stories, songs etc. Examples of this large creative process can be seen on the Furry-dedicated newsgroups (see <http://www.fur.com>) which recieve around a hundred pictures every week.

Also, a large contingent of Furs are actively dedicated to creating a better world.

What’s this about Creating a better World?

Yes, I know many people claim to want a better world, but what do they do about it? Either nothing or too much. The best way to build a better world, as with any large project, is with small steps. As it says in the Christian Bible: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” By being tolerant, understanding, loving and sharing, Furs hope to create a good impression for others to follow.

Sound familiar? If you belong to any of the major world religions, it should. It is the basis for many of them. However, instead of following the teachings of phophets, deities or messiahs, furs simply look at the animal kingdom, see the lack of greed, malice and injustice and think “Why can’t we be like them?”


This is a load of mumbo jumbo! You need help!

You’re perfectly entitled to your opinion, of course. Furryness is not for everyone and many people feel threatened, disgusted or just disinterested in it. However, we have not and will not do anything to hurt you nor will we try to impose our views on you. All we ask is that you do the same for us. As long as we aren’t harming anyone or anything, who are you to say what we can or cannot think?


This sounds fascinating. Where do I sign up?

There’s no “signing up” to do but if you do want to get in touch with other furries, see some of the fantastic artwork that furries produce or explore your own anthropomorphism (or Therianthropomorphism, Were-animalism), here are some of the main furry websites to get you started:

  • Fur.com – Home of the Fur News Network and a jumping off point to several other major Fur Websites.
  • Furnation – Vast repository of Artists websites.
  • The Furry Music Foundation – The Excellent Chama C. Fox’s Music website. Containing not only his own compositions but also works by other furry musicians.
  • Vulpine Dreams – Chama’s main site containing several useful fur-related sites.
  • Mongoose.net – A Furry Portal with hundreds of links to almost every kind of Fur-related site.


1: Frequently Given Answers. Simlar to Frequently Asked Questions, but no-ones actually asked me these questions.