The Novel

For a few years, I have been slowly writing a Science Fiction novel. Currently, it doesn’t have a title.


It is the year 2029. For nearly a decade Earth has been at war with an amphibian race known as the Na’Leksa. By several feats of reverse-engineering and co-operation with four other races (the feline Mananozu, the Aquatic Scresmu, the reptilian nisabE and the insect-like Nin), humans have developed a sizable Space Navy. Year after year, thousands of young people join the Peace Alliance, a military union between the five allied races, seeking fame, victory or wealth.

One recently-graduated squadron, number 318, has been given its first assignment aboard the state-of-the-art Cruiser, the tala’Uthos. Commanded by Dortan, an experienced Scresmu, 318 will stumble upon a fearsome new Na’Leksan weapon and so become a vital part of a frantic arms race that will turn the tide of the whole war.