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This would now be version 5 of my home page. With version 5 comes, not a rewrite, but a port to the WordPress blogging software. I don’t intend to blog here (see my LiveJournal or Twitter presences for that), but my home-brew story serving page had been broken for a while, so I thought I’d switch to something more robust.

Welcome to┬áTails, Scales and Scones, the home page of Paul Saunders (aka Darac Marjal). If you don’t know who Paul is, click on About Me in the menu. If you don’t know who Darac is, click on About Darac.

Please Note:┬áThis site contains no information on Miles “Tails” Prower, Bathroom Scales or any recipies for Scones. Please read more about Darac and you may see why the site is so named.