Carla is a typical fifteen-year-old. Popular on the internet, but bored at home. However, Carla is different in that she’s a true hermaphrodite. So when she goes online, she’s not short of offers…

This story contains explicit sexual material and should not be read by minors.

Carla was bored and horny. The fifteen-year-old sat in hir bedroom, staring at the glowing screen of hir computer. It was ten o’clock at night and shi’d finished all hir homework for the night. Currently shi was browsing the internet, looking at pictures.

Poor Carla led a frustrated, sheltered life. As the only hermaphrodite on board, and one of only a handful of human families, it was all too easy for hir to be singled out. That was something shi intensely disliked. Fortunately, hir parents understood this and shi was able to study at home, away from the sweaty paws of hir peers. Hir parents doted on their only daughter and anything shi wanted, they’d get hir. The only time that Carla was truly happy was when shi was in the anonymous world of the internet.

However, tonight it was not satisfying hir. Shi’d searched hir multi-terabyte archive of downloads and shi’d visited hir favourite sites, but shi needed more. Shi stood up and paced hir room for a moment before an idea came to hir. Shi went to hir door and opened it a crack. The hallway lights were off so hir parents were probably in bed. Yes, shi heard hir father’s snoring. Quietly shi locked hir door and, hir heart starting to flutter, shi pulled hir T-shirt over hir head. Carla had a wonderful body. Long, lucious red hair cascaded down hir pale back like a water fall. Hir breasts were best described as ‘pert’, jutting firmly out of hir chest and topped with fat pink nipples. With a mischevious grin, Carla slipped off hir skirt and knickers. Not only was Carla gifted with two sets of genitalia, but they were fantastic examples of their kind. Hir virgin cunt was soft and tight and hir cock, when hard was a full eight inches long and perfectly formed.

Now completely naked apart from a pair of dirty white socks which protected hir feet from the cold, metal floor (shi never understood why luxuries such as books and things were allowed on a ship, but carpets weren’t), Carla returned to hir computer. Hir hand shaking slightly with excitement shi selected an icon on hir desktop. A small window popped up at the side of the screen and soon filled with a list of names. Carla briefly scanned the list to see if anyone shi knew was online, then clicked a control on the window.

A second window appeared, larger than the first, and text started scrolling on it. Carla sat and read for a moment before typing in hir own message:

#15/Herm. Looking just to chat, but maybe cam later.#

Within moments a dozen of the names in hir list lit up, indicating that they wanted to talk privately to hir. Carla strayed a hand down to hir soft, naked thighs and shi selected a name.

#Show Me.# said the message. #I want to see Herm.#

Carla closed the message in disgust and picked another. The problem with this system was it was populated by lonely old men. Carla had to sift through five more such messages, looking for what shi wanted.

#Hello, I’m 18/M. What would you like to chat about?#

Carla’s long, nail-painted fingers tapped at the keyboard in reply. #At last, someone who seems a bit more intelligent than the rest. Where are you?#

The reply wasn’t long in returning, the other party must have been somewhere withing a few light-years. #Thank you. I’m somewhere between Wolf 359 and Earth. U?#

#I’m on my way to Lave 🙁 I envy you. I miss Earth.#

#I know what you mean.# said the boy. #I miss Wolf 359. We’d been gone six months but it feels like six years.#

Carla was somewhat surprised. Shi hadn’t expected the boy to be Wolfian. Hir pussy started to tingle as shi thought about what the Wolfian was like. It had been a major surprise to humans when they first arrived at the Wolf 359 system and not just because it was inhabited. Humans called the star Wolf 359 after it’s discoverer Max Wolf but they weren’t expecting the local population to bear a remarkable similarity to the human species canis lupus, the wolf. Many claimed that this was more than coincidence and that it was God’s Biggest Joke.

#Do you mind if I ask what you’re wearing?# asked the boy, waking Carla from hir dreaming.

#Nothing. ;-)# replied the human. #Well, just a pair of socks. What about you?#

#Just a pair of shorts# said the Wolfian. #May I see you?#

Carla’s heart thudded in hir chest and shi ran a finger beneath hir flaccid cock. Carla was bisexual and had, so hir doctor told hir, an unusual split sexuality. It was like shi was two people when it came to arousal. If shi was being aroused by a male, hir vulva would moisten and hir breasts would swell; a classic female response. If shi was being aroused by a female, though, hir cock would harden; a classic male response. However, Carla was most stimulated when both halves of hir were aroused. Then, shi had twice the desire, twice the need and by timing hir two orgasms shi had actaully managed to knock hirself unconcious with pleasure once.

#If I can see you.# replied Carla, hir slender fingers jittering.

#Of course#

A moment later the mini holo on Carla’s desk lit up. There, no more than a foot high, was a holographic image of the Wolfian shi was talking to. The viewer only captured him from the chest up, but that was plenty for Carla at the moment. Naturally, the image quality was perfect, showing a solid, three-dimensional representation of the subject. Carla could even make out the short fur on his long, grey muzzle.

Carla pressed a control at the side of hir screen and hir own holo turned on. Shi smiled as the Wolfian’s eyes lit up. Carla knew that the Wolfian would be getting the same view of hir as shi was getting of him: from the chest up. Shi smiled as the Wolfian fairly boggled at hir. Well, not at hir; due to the relative positions of the holos, he seemed to be staring at Carla’s desk, but shi got the idea.

The wolfian resumed typing, #Nice breasts, I’d love to run my paws all over them and tease your little pink nipples.#

Carla squirmed against hir chair, letting the coarse seat material grate against hir wet, tingling cunt. #I imagine myself rubbing my fingers against your big, furry ears, flicking them and teasing them.#

Carla saw a smile on the Wolfian’s muzzle and quicky typed another message. #Are you starting to get hard?#

The smile on the Wolfian’s face broadened. #Yes. Are you?#

#Not hard, but very very wet. 😉 Can I see more of you?#

#Sure,# came the reply. #I’ll just take my shorts off.#

Carla watched as hir furry chat-partner stood up, his head disappearing out of view, but his waist and crotch appearing perfectly placed. Carla shot a hand down between hir legs, pushed hir flaccid cock aside with the heel and started stroking a long finger across hir sloppy slit.

The Wolfian was wearing a pair of fairly tight black shorts. Carla could plainly see the buldge in the crotch of his shorts. As shi watched, hir young fingers expertly strumming hir cunt, the Wolfian slowly unbuttoned the shorts. He opened them partially, giving Carla a teasing glimpse at the thick, coarse fur within, before turning around and wagging his tail at the holo. Carla lifted a socked foot against hir desk and slipped a delicate finger inside hirself. The Wolfian pushed his shorts down slowly, his tail sliding through the special hole, then let them drop to the floor.

Carla gasped as the Wolfian turned back to face the holo. His bright red cock stuck out from his greyish-white sheath, almost glowing against the pale fur. It was about as thick as a human’s and about as long, but instead of having a foreskin covering most of its length and a small, rounded head at the top, it was smooth from the edge of his sheath to the tapered tip. Around six inches of shiny red meat extended from the protective, furry sheath.

The Wolfian soon wrapped a furry paw around the hard shaft and started to stroke along its length. #May I see more of you?# he typed with his free paw.

Carla reached over to the control of hir holo and angled it downwards to point at hir crotch. Shi then sat back, held hir penis out of the way and let the Wolfian see hir finger inside hir cunt.

The Wolfian almost drooled at the sight, a beautiful, pale-skinned hermaphrodite crotch with a small patch of soft ginger pubic hair. He rubbed his cock harder, feeling his knot start to swell under his fingers.

#That’s a very nice cock,# typed Carla. #I bet it tastes delicious.#

#Yours is fantastic,# typed the Wolfian, breathlessly. #And that pussy…!#

Carla smiled and pushed another finger in between hir tight lips. Hir cunt made quiet little slurping noises as shi pumped hir hand back and forth.

#You’re swelling up,# noted Carla. #You ready 2 cum?#

#uh-huh. u?#


The conversation became brief and staccatto as the two participants watched each other masturbating. It was such and erotic thrill to watch and be watched. Suddenly Carla saw the Wolfian reach orgasm. As his hand flew back and forth across his shaft, almost too fast for the holo, it suddenly jerked and white semen flowed out from the tip all over his paw.

Carla wasn’t far behind the Wolfian and shi soon felt hir orgasm approaching, like a spring winding inside hir. Shi pounded hir fingers furiously into hir dripping snatch and then the spring exploded. Carla gasped as hir hips bucked and pleasure flooded hir body. The orgasm ended too soon for Carla’s liking, but the Wolfian seemed appreciative..

#Whoa, you liked that?#M he typed.

#Oh yeah,# replied Carla, needing more but knowing that males liked praise after sex. #You were good.#

#Want to meet again sometime?# asked the Wolfian.


An icon flashed on Carla’s screen, letting hir know that the Wolfian had added hir to his ‘watching for’ list.

#Good Night# said the Wolfian and logged off.

Carla, noticing the time, also logged off and turned hir computer off. Shi slid under the covers of hir bed, neglecting to put on hir nightie. For a few minutes, shi tossed and turned, images flashing through hir young brain. Finally, shi kicked the bed clothes off, revealing hir nubile, naked body. Carla’s cock was beginning to thicken as shi fantasised about the Wolfian and the other images shi’d seen that night. Carla reached up to caress hir firm, pert breasts. Shi took hir left breast and pressed it upwards towards hir mouth. Shi’d seen women on the internet licking their own nipples but hir own breasts weren’t quite big enough yet.

Carla’s penis was now quite stiff. Shi ran a hand down hir firm, flat belly and grasped hir cock firmly hir painted fingers curling carefully around the unusually thick member. Slowly, savouring the feelings, shi pulled the foreskin back. Hir glans was red and swollen and shi rubbed hir thumb around the bulging tip. A tiny, crystal clear bead of pre-cum appeared in the tiny hole. Carla’s thumb soon spread the liquid around hir glistening head.

Now fully aroused, Carla started to stroke hir hand up and down hir cock. Shi pulled the foreskin back and forth over the head. Hir cock was so large compared to hir young, feminine stature, that it was twice as long as hir fist and shi was able to get some good, long strokes in. Briefly shi ran a finger along hir soaking cunt lips and then sucked at the musky liquid. Shi could never decide which shi liked the taste of more: hir girl-cum or hir boy-cum. Shi closed hir eyes and tossed hir head as hir hand rubbed at hir erect penis, hir flame-red hair flowing across the pillow.

Hir free hand returned to hir tiny breast, tugging urgently at the nipple. Hir breath got short and quick as the pressure built inside hir. Shi moaned quietly and hir cock swelled a bit more. Hir long, slender legs braced hard and hir beautiful, painted toes pointing downwards, rubbing against the bed clothes. Shi pounded hir fist up and down hir long shaft.

Finally, release came. Carla bucked hir hips upwards and semen squirted from hir cock. As shi continued pounding at hir young loins, shi ejaculated again and again, the cloudy liquid spraying hir belly, hir pale tits and hir feminine face. Eagerly, shi licked at the delicious liquid, wishing shi could suck on a whole cockful sometime. After nearly a minute, the orgasm sibsided and hir penis slowly began shrinking back. With a satisfied smile on hir face, shi scooped some of hir boy-cum off hir tits and, feeling deliciously naughty, sucked hir own seed of hir fingers. As shi lay there, enjoying the afterglow, semen oozed from hir cock, soaking hir small patch of pubic hair and coating hir still slick vagina. Fortunately it was genetically impossible for hir to impregnate hirself so shi felt no compulsion to clean up immediately.

After a few minutes, the young hermaphrodite got hir breath back. Shi swung hir long legs off the bed and took a tissure from the bedside cabinet. Shi spent a few minutes cleaning the two sexual liquids from hir body and hir bed before finally, and happily, returning to the bed, pulling the clothes up over hir still naked body and falling quickly to sleep.