Ode to a WinterWolf

Here's a little poem that I wrote for Darkhorse.
It doesn't quite rhyme and it doesn't quite scan,
But I'm not quite a poet, I do the best I can.
He knows I love him and he loves me, of course!

About Darkhorse there's many things I adore.
I could give you a plethora, but I'd just be a bore.
Instead I shall list
just a few of the best,
maybe one day I'll write more.

I love his personality, we have so much in common;
He's witty, intelligent, and a wiz with computers.
He's kind and he's caring and he's addicted to driving.

And not only this, he's a Fur as well.
A Wolf of the Arctic kind with thick white-gray fur,
perfect for snuggling with on long winter nights.
He's equally happy on two legs or four.

As for his body, I shan't say much,
although it's something I can't wait to touch.
He's slim and he's toned and really quite sexy,
but if I say any more he'll only get ... embarassed.

I'll cease my rambling now, for I'm stretching my welcome.
I warned you it wouldn't be pretty.
But as I said before I'm not a poet,
but who needs rhymes 'cos I've got a WinterWolf.